Sport Psychology

Dr. Oretzky, the co-founder of MindEdge, Sport and Performance Consulting is committed to supporting athletes, professionals, and organizations that are dedicated to maximizing their performance. Her services include Individualized Performance Programs that help clients identify goals, improve confidence, and push past mental blocks in order to consistenly perform at their highest potential. In addition, Dr. Oretzky offers consultations and workshops to teams and organizations.


Individualized Performance Programs are designed to:

  • Identify Performance Goals

  • Manage Performance Anxiety through Relaxation Training

  • Improve Focus and Concentration

  • Boost Confidence and Build a Positive Mindset

  • Develop a Pre-Performance Routine

  • Improve Motivation for Consistent Performance

  • Manage Emotions On and Off the Field

  • Assist Injury Recovery

  • Biofeedback


Team Consultations & Group Performance Workshops Topics Include:

  • Leadership Development

  • Communication and Team Building Skills for Improved Team Cohesion

  • Creating the Optimal Mindset to Preform Consistently and Overcome Obstacles

  • Relaxation Training for Performance Anxiety Management

  • Mindfulness Training for Focus and Concentration

  • Goal Setting to Execute Team Commitment, Accountability, and Results

  • Sport Recovery Strategies to Decrease Mental and Physical Fatigue and Prevent Injuries

  • Personalized Team Programs 


For additional information on sport psychology services offered by Dr. Oretzky and resources visit her consulting site at