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Dr. Oretzky, the co-founder of MindEdge, Sport and Performance Consulting, is committed to supporting athletes, professionals, and organizations that are dedicated to maximizing their performance. Her services include Individualized Performance Programs that help clients identify goals, improve confidence, and push past mental blocks in order to consistently perform at their highest potential. In addition, Dr. Oretzky offers consultations and workshops to teams and organizations.


Individualized Sport and Performance Programs for Athletes

These sessions begin with a thorough one on one assessment to identify your current level of performance and specific goals. From there Dr. Oretzky will work with you to develop a specialized program tailored to your needs.

Workshops for Teams 
Dr. Oretzky offers workshops for elite, collegiate, and club teams and organizations. These sessions are tailored to the needs of team or group and may include mental skills training topics such as: The High-Performance Mindset, Managing Nerves Under Pressure, Mindfulness and Centering Strategies, Pre-Performance Routines, Grit and the Growth Mindset, and Emotional Agility.

Consultation Services
Dr. Oretzky offers consultations for athletic and sports medicine departments, coaches, athletic trainers, and sport dietitians.


Clarify goals
Build confidence
Improve focus and concentration
Learn centering strategies
Perform more consistently under pressure
Increase grit and resilience

Improve communication
Address athlete mental health and well-being
Cope more effectively with adversity such as injuries
Take your performance to the next level

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